Which class is right for me?

It is normal to wonder which class is right for you. While there is  no exact answer, here are some helpful hints. 

The Fundamentals classes for both the Tai Chi and Ba Gua Zhang program would be appropriate for just about anyone. The exercises are gentle in nature, geared for wellness and health cultivation, heavily mindfulness based, and stress relaxation, posture and proper breathing.

The Core Patterns and Movements classes are more dynamic. While still health, wellness and mindfulness based, they are more challenging in terms of movement, balance and strength. In these classes, students use movement and stepping patterns to develop these skills. In particular the Ba Gua Zhang Core Patterns and Movements class is more challenging in terms of cardiovascular training. Some of these exercises are performed rather briskly at times.

The Tai Chi Kung Fu class is the most physically demanding class on the schedule. The class involves quick dynamic movement routines and martial arts applications, including joint locks and throws. This class is not recommended for individuals with bone, joint or heart conditions.