Literally meaning “push pull”, tui na (Twee nah) uses a variety of manual techniques to release tendons, relax muscles, release fasciae and mobilize joints and articulations.

Tui Na effectively treats a wide range of soft tissue and orthopedic conditions. It is used to provide effective treatment in acute cases such as sprains and strains and chronic conditions such as arthritis. it is very successful in treating STRUCTURAL misalignments and pain.

Tui Na may also be used to aid in the treatment of internal medicine complaints such as diabetes and hypertension.

Other manual therapies of Chinese Medicine include:

  • Cupping. The use of suction to move blood and fluids to the surface of the skin.

  • Gua Sha. Areas of the skin are scraped to release the fasciae or the exterior.

  • Moxabustion. Acupuncture points or areas of the skin are warmed by burning herbs over the skin.

  • Plum Blossom Hammer. This is used to tap the skin with a small hammer with needles to prick the skin.