The oldest known text of Chinese Herbal Medicine was written some time before 168 B.C. Since that time countless texts have been written and exhaustive study has been conducted using traditional methods. Chinese Herbal Medicine changed over the millennia and continues to grow. Modern research is now used to test traditional formulas and to come up with new strategies to treat disease and safeguard health.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is used internally and topically. Herbs may be brewed into teas, made into tinctures, pills, capsules, and powders to be used for internal use. There are also plasters, liniments, oils and lotions that may be used topically to treat everything from trauma to dermatological conditions.

Chinese Herbal Medicine can be an important component of treatment. While considered to be generally safe, herbal medicine should only be prescribed by a qualified healthcare practitioner and only after a diagnosis has been made. Many people read an article or talk to a friend and decide to try an herbal remedy, this may be problematic. Many people have heard of the great benefits of ginseng for example, however there are certain individuals who should not use ginseng. In fact ginseng may actually make their condition worse.

Dancing Crane Center of Chinese Medicine uses only the best available source of Chinese herbs.