Tai Chi Fundamentals

Saturday   mornings

Aug.17-Oct.12 2019





taichi core patterns and partner training

saturday    mornings

Aug.17-Oct.12 2019













taichi kungfu

saturday    mornings

Aug.17-Oct.12 2019






This class teaches the basic movements and mindfulness skills needed to progress in the Hunyuan Style of Taichi (aka Beijing Chen Style Taichi). Students in this class will learn the traditional movement sets known as Hunyuan Gong (Essential Skills) and Chansi Gong (Silk Reeling Skills). These practices help to build and maintain functional strength and range of motion, while improving relaxation, balance, coordination and ease of movement.  

This class builds on material presented in the Tai Chi fundamentals class, introducing new movement sets and partner training exercises based on traditional Chinese martial arts. These sets include the Taichi Bafa (8 Principles) and the Taichi Wubu (5 Stepping Patterns), together these are called the Taichi 13 Form. Every 4 weeks the class will alternate between core movement patterns and partner training exercises traditionally called Taichi Tuishou (push-hands).

The aim of this class is to further improve movement awareness, dynamic balance, strength and agility by diversifying students natural movement. Partner training can also improve endurance, reaction speed, balance recovery and the skill of neutralizing or evading incoming forces that might harm the body.

This class focuses on the self-defense aspect of Taichi. Training in this class includes advanced martial arts forms, weapons and self-defense partner training from both the Hunyuan Taiji and Dragon Tiger Eagle Kungfu systems. Class focus will alternate between form work, self-defense and sparring skills every 4-8 weeks. The purposes of this class is to further the development of speed, endurance and power release, while continuing to hone movement awareness, timing and the effortless application of self-defense technique.


ba gua zhang fundamentals

tuesday evenings           6:30-7:30pm











ba gua zhang core patterns and movements

tuesday evenings           7:30-8:30pm



This class teaches the basic movement and mindfulness skills of the Liang Style Ba Gua Zhang. This class covers the Chi Gong practices that helps to break up and dissolve any blockages or obstructions in the body, loosen the muscles and open the joints. The result is a harmonious body, mind and spirit where all components are able to move freely. This class is perfect for anyone looking to cultivate a meditation practice that includes standing, walking, and seated methods. These exercises are at the heart of any longevity and health preserving regimes in internal martial arts. Exercises covered include the Chi Cultivation, introduction to Fixed Posture Circle Walking and Standing Meditation.


This class will cover the Ji Ben Gong which is a set of  exercises that further help to train the body to move in very dynamic and coordinated ways. They also serve as a type of strength training and muscle stretching. Further study of Fixed posture Circle walking, Single and double Palm Changes and other stepping patterns are also introduced. This class further develops the body's ability to move in natural ways that emphasize spiral like movements coordinate with the breath.